Avoiding Bad Relationships


The Concerned Partner

When two people have been married for a while, it might seem their life is paradise. One person might always have issues, and the concerned partner brings them to family and friends. This person says they are looking for ways to help their partner, but their goal is to destroy the person’s reputation with long time friends and their family members. When this person complains about an issue, their partner has already been there before them. They are now seen as someone upset, possible out of control, and belief in them has been shattered.

Sabotaging a person can be done in many ways, but the partner exhibiting this type of behavior is often after an end goal. They might want a divorce while looking like the good guy, or they could be using it as a way to further their control other the other person. Either way, it is often a successful strategy because their partner is unaware of what they are doing.

Friends and family want to see their loved one with someone who cares about them, so this type of sabotage is often quite effective with those who might be high-strung or anxious about issues. Rather than seeing the true facts, they only feel sorrow for their loved one being on edge. They want to help, and they will be supportive of the partner rather than the person who truly needs their assistance. As time progresses, withdrawal by their loved one might seem to be the only option.

A person in this situation will find that they eventually have little or no support, and they can feel the world is against them. It is when they reach that time that their partner has succeeded in their goal. Staying strong can be difficult, but failing to fall under their control and leaving the relationship could be for the best.