Avoiding Bad Relationships


Support for Leaving

When a partner has become abusive, it is time to end the relationship. There are many abusive partners who are perfect companions in public, and their behavior keeps friends and family from believing there are any relationship issues at all. They will try to convince the abused partner to try working it out, and they will often sabotage their efforts to leave. None of this behavior is against the person who wants to leave, and they must recognize that friends and family are trying to help them stay in what they perceive as a good relationship.

Leaving an established relationship often takes financial as well as emotional support, and it is the lack of any support that is often the reason people stay. It takes good planning to conquer the financial aspects of beginning a new life, and emotional support is important to help stay focused on the goal. If friends and family will be of little help, it is best to locate other resources that are available.

Counselors are generally the first place to look for the emotional support aspect of leaving a relationship that has turned abusive, but they do not generally have resources available for those who need financial assistance. Support groups are good to join because the other members will offer tips on how to become financially independent enough to leave without counting on support from others.

When the abused person leaves, their former partner will often show their true colors. They will be frustrated and angry at their lack of ability to keep their partner under control, and they might let others see how they really act. If this occurs, the abused partner will then find plenty of support from friends and family. It will be a huge help in the long run, but it is best to work towards being completely independent when first leaving a bad relationship.