Avoiding Bad Relationships


Recognizing the Warning Signs

Relationships are about many things, but forming an emotional attachment to another person is the glue that holds the relationship together. People invest heavily in personal relationships, but they will only make a good investment if they look at their future partner with clear eyes. This means they must see the red flags that are warning them the relationship will not be successful, and they need to ask serious questions before they become too involved. Often, people make excuses for a partner's bad behaviour and suffer for it in the end.

One of the ways a person can determine whether or not they should stay with someone depends on the other person's basic attitude toward them. A person who claims the people they date are like buses and another will be along in fifteen minutes needs to be seen as a bad choice, and they say to let their partner know they are not a valued person. If dates are that common, then the speaker should be sent on their way.

A definitive red flag is when a date is insulting about the partners of their friends. Believing this is acceptable behaviour is wrong, and it should be addressed immediately. If these are their true feelings, it might be best to avoid getting into a relationship with them. There may be a chance that they are simply bad mannered, and they might be willing to straighten up when it is pointed out to them. Keepers will change, but those who refuse should be left in the dust.

Prejudice is often a red flag in relationships, and this occurs even when it is directed at a group that has no relation to a date. While this may not necessarily be seen as a red flag, prejudicial behaviour can spread. When issues arise in the relationship, a prejudiced person will be more likely to act irrationally.