Avoiding Bad Relationships


More Than Two Divorces

Dating as a single person has plenty of pitfalls, and one of them today is the ease of divorce. If a person is still single into their third decade, finding someone who has never been married might be a bit difficult. There is nothing wrong with a person who has had a marriage fail because they were too young, and there could be other reasons for a second divorce. There are those who have been through more than two divorces, and there might be issues that make a long term relationship less than palatable for someone seeking a true partner in life.

When two people first begin dating, a brief history of their life and relationships is often part of the information they exchange. Some people are open and honest, but others might have a secret or two they are hiding. Those who have been married quite a few times may fall into either category, so paying attention is important. Those who admit to multiple marriages will often give reasons why the marriages ended, but not all of them could be the truth.

Long term relationships and marriage require both partners to contribute, and those who have plenty of things to say about how their former partners ruined those relationships are failing to take responsibility for their own contributions. Some of them may be overly controlling, and others could be irresponsible. Listening to their reasons could be a good way to tell if the person is really a good choice for investing time in a relationship.

There are plenty of marriages that fail because the partners were married young, and there are some spouses who cheat. Other spouses may turn out to be less than mentally stable, and some could even turn violent. If a single person begins dating someone who has had one or two of these issues with a former spouse, it is not necessarily a red flag. A person who has had all of them happen might just be the cause that destroyed their former relationships, and it might be best to find someone else.