Avoiding Bad Relationships


Devaluing a Date

Couples often get into situations where they wish they could take back something they said, and it can be forgiven if it only happens occasionally. The heat of the moment is often a time when winning might be something they are intent on, and their real feelings on any particular subject or their partner are not shining through their anger. One of the biggest red flags for leaving a partner is when this type of behavior becomes common, so devaluing a date is a good reason to let go without regret.

Putting a partner down comes in many shapes and forms, so there are plenty of ways to disguise it. Those who are looking for dominance within a relationship have the ability to find their own brand of remarks that will make their partner less in value in their own eyes, and it can eventually make the partner feel they mean nothing. There is nothing further from the truth, but it is difficult to see it when the world becomes overwhelming to the devalued person.

Looking for repeating patterns is a good way to establish how a person really thinks, and constant remarks of the same nature can tell someone whether or not they really should pursue a serious relationship. Being asked how to do something and then repeatedly being told it is wrong is one good sign. For those who find their partner loves to tell the most embarrassing stories possible about them is another way to tell a relationship could be wrong.

It might hurt to leave behind a potential partner who looks good on paper, but a lifetime of being put down and devalued is not worth any emotional investment. Sending a bad potential partner on their way is a good way to move on to find someone who can exhibit true love.