Avoiding Bad Relationships


Behavior Changes in a Partner

There are many relationships that last for decades, and partners end their life with the same person they married. These are often the best examples of how to survive as a couple, but life events or illnesses can change the behaviour of a partner until they are unrecognizable. When this occurs, seeking solutions can be difficult. Illness might be the cause of radical behaviour change, and it can often be explained by a physician. For those who do not have a known cause, it is often life circumstances.

When illness creates radical changes in a person’s behaviour, it is often due to the effect on the brain. A spouse who was always kind and loving might turn suddenly mean and sullen. They might exhibit a lack of care for their self, and their partner might find they are becoming violent. Taking them for medical care might be difficult, but it can also salvage the relationship before a permanent break occurs.

For those who have no medical issues to explain their behaviour, a look at what has recently occurred in their life is warranted. There might be no overriding event to explain the sudden behavioural shift, but a small event could still be the cause. People suffer traumas throughout their lives, and an unimportant instant might bring forth memories and actions that were buried in the past. Seeking psychiatric assistance would be the most likely way to proceed in this scenario. Another option to deal with trauma is breathwork. The benefits of breathwork not only help with past trauma but can control stress and anxiety.

People do change as they age, but radical behaviour that results in physical violence or cruelty to a partner is not normal. If a spouse’s personality suddenly undergoes a serious change, taking them to a physician is the best way to find out what is going wrong. Unfortunately, some people refuse to do anything about their own behaviour, so ending the relationship might be the safest way to proceed.